03-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

al bundy just to be clear all agreed liquor stores essential schools are not
hi im from new york me sawing off arm
airlines charges for bags chips fit legs choose seat someone help us out of money
houston police no robbery accidents fights between couples thousands
green new deal cov19 related pork spending nancy pelosi
corona not trumps fault ebola not obamas sars not bushs only handful herpes clintons
dear single friends stay positive after 3 weeks lockdown plenty divorces new opportunities
why are we so reliant on china for supply chain 3 guesses bush clinton obama
me dealing with roommate in trying times i sneezed allergies let me out cage
republicans corona crisis problem democrats opportunity
joe biden for president what year is it where am i at least hes not socialist
cmon boy shake hands no fucking way dog
corona trying to turn me into democrat staying home not working complaining waitin on my check
mainstream media news china flag blindfold trumps fault
you thought dogs hard to train look at humans cant sit and stay
babylon bee journalists try to make virus about them

Message of the Day

ice ice baby stop collaborate and listen corona virus

Tweet of the Day

tweet lil cough quarantine is affecting work force sucks for men losing 1 for every .79 women are losing

Quote of the Day

quote george carlin certain rules live by first dont believe anything government tells me

Random Thought of the Day

I’m not sure how Trump can put up with the whiny, disrespectful little bitch reporters that ask questions during every White House briefing. One question that really annoyed me was “How many deaths to you are acceptable?” in response to Trump setting a goal (not a definitive date) for getting selected parts of the country free from home lockdown. Trump answered respectfully, but I wish he would have said something like, “No deaths are acceptable, but let me ask you, “We had 3.3 million people new unemployment claims last month. How many unemployed are acceptable to you? Five million? Ten million? Fifty million? How many thousands of businesses are acceptable to push into bankruptcy? How much loss of retirees’ 401k, parents’ college funds, and citizens life savings are acceptable to you? How many millions must lose their house or apartment because they can no longer afford the monthly payment? How much lost government tax revenue (which pays for social security, health care, defense, etc.) is acceptable to you? Maybe, just maybe, we should seek a balance, perhaps at first only opening areas of the country where no new cases have been reported for two weeks? In any case, it’s not simply a black and white answer you snotty, little, fake news piece of shit!”

trump under siege press corps hate fake news eliminating these press conferences

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