03-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bill murray its quarantine day again groundhog
breast master another job guidance counselor never told me about
so youre tell me if violate stay at home order arrest but letting criminals out so dont get coronavirus
waking up every morning of quarantine to check what we cant do today
hillary clinton book hanging toilet paper
prime example of how media creates panic reporter needs mask but camera man doesnt
home invasions should decline guns enough bleach paper towls to clean up scene
illegal street racing 2001 vs 2020 runners
celebrities we can all do stay at home their mansions
quarantine but first i must meet up with 500 strangers to fight over beans
universities closing to help stop spread of socialism not corona
homeschool day 5 studied effects of nyquil on students
babylon bee china weve completely cured coronavirus no one allowed to check

Tweet of the Day

tweet nikki naley items in stimulus bill npr kennedy center endowment for arts humanities

Quote of the Day

quote joshua feurerstein corona will come and go government wont forget how easy to get you surrender freedom

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