04-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

day 7 at home dog is like see this is why i chew the furniture
kitty pouring liquor they are never going back to school
chinese government gun to citizens thats it big smile everybody is happy
corona check on your conspiracy theorist friends they are not ok right now
dogs cant get corona virus travel selfie pyramids
word find first is where going in april nowhere
8 days into starting to wonder if donner party was even hungry
hannibal lecter if the food runs out we still have each other
couples week on of quarantine week two
i lost my job sleep better democrats kennedy center pbs refugee resettlement
media to trump quit with optimistism we want only facts we can attack you with
democrats ideas so good have to hide in pandemic stimulus package
babylon bee democrats worried stimulus bill may stimulate economy pelosi

Tweet of the Day

tweet mabye we should announce airline bailout then keep delaying until we cancel hotel vouchers

Quote of the Day

quote trump have running war with media most dishonest human beings on earth

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