04-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee darth vader accused of hoarding ventilators
allergy season is about to turn into the salem witch trials
corona quarantined i did nothing and it was everything i thought it could be
i dont like that chances of survival depend on common sense of others
trump wants to put woman on moon lets hear it for astronaut pelosi
corona relief bill solar tax credit corporate board diversity airline emission standards pork

single man with tp and hand sanitizer for good clean fun sign
so liberal states blocking residents of other liberal states ok with open border
you think bad now wait 20 years country run people home schooled by day drinkers
joe biden dnc were practicing socialist distancing bernie at least until after election
civilians why am i being punished some people cant obey rules military first time noose
babylon bee teachers urge government reopen schools before students learn to think for themselves

Tweets of the Day

tweet john spencer if going for run 10 feet away picture bears wide receiver trubisky pass
tweet breaking news everyone in video conference wants to see your dog cat dont apologize
man if the my pillow guy had only sang imagine instead of retooling factory for medical gear hed be stunning and brave

Quote of the Day

quote difference between libertarianism and socialiam david boaz

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