04-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Quick Summary of Recent News

WHO (a few months back): Covid-19 doesn’t spread person to person.
Normal people: You sure, thousands of Chinese people in the same area are dying?
WHO: Yes, we’re sure, and the always-truthful Chinese government has given us their assurances.
{millions travel to U.S., including 700,000+ from China}
WHO: What the hell are you doing, Covid-19 spreads easily between people! Stay at home and shut down the world economy now!
CDC: BTW, there’s absolutely NO REASON to wear face masks–they don’t stop the spread of the virus! And we need the limited supply to protect our health care workers!
Normal people: those two statements taken together make no logical sense, but ok.
{1 million more cases are contracted}
CDC: Everyone should be wearing masks in public!
Trump: Recent studies show a drug cocktail including Hydroxychloroquine is effective in treating Covid-19.
Media: We must poo-poo any studies that prove its effectiveness and call anyone an anti-science idiot who suggests its usage.
Global doctors: Hydroxychloroquine is the most effective treatment for coronavirus.
Governors/Victims of Covid-19: Please let us try Hydroxychloroquine. It’s been used for years to treat malaria, so why not give it a try?
Dr. Fauci: Hydroxychloroquine hasn’t gone through our long, expensive FDA bureaucracy process. We must hold out for a magical vaccine that may be released a year and a half from now. {Thought but not said out loud: and my Deep State friends want this virus to ravage the people & economy at least until the first Tuesday in November}.

CDC/WHO/Media/Fauci: Why won’t you people listen to us?!!!!

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

yes id like to report some people not living in fear
man glad to know job that fed his family paid rent non essential
china calculating newly infected math
chickfila sign nancy pelosi is batshit crazy
grim reaper coronavirus economic collapse poverty turn
people dont want to leave house watch netflix government good do that well now im not doing it
eighth day of self isolation begas in my house losing money cocktailed nobody knows what time it is
im excited that phrase get fuck away from me no longer rude
commercials in 2030 will be like were you or someone you know hand sanitizer entitled to compensation
hillary clinton to pelosi youre disgrace failed to impeach trump george soros and i release virus
babylon bee jussie smollett wins naacp award creating jobs nigerian americans

Tweets of the Day

tweet jesse kelly government shutting down business offering loan if you spend money way want
tweet charles payne continue to marvel tone questions jim acosta other reporters

Question of the Day

if we cant trust individuals to choose whats best for themselves how can government be trusted for millions

Truly the Enemy of the People

After Mocking Trump for Promoting Hydroxychloroquine, Journalists Acknowledge It Might Treat Coronavirus

mainstream media spin if trump does or doesnt branco

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