04-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cop sir is that bottle vodka yes have you tried to find hand sanitizer
unsolicited deck pic chicks like them quality wood
angry lady cat smudge my colleague complaining changed desktop background me
mainstream media covering china emperors new clothes trumps fault
last supper i dont care who your old man is this gathering is illegal
impressionable millenials putting money to bernie sanders 4th house
if roles reversed america caused coronavirus liberals blame america white people not racist change my mind
every job that puts food on the table is an essential job
1920 alcohol is prohibited 2020 liquor stores are essential business during national health crisis
left in 2016 were going to die because trump is dictator 2020 die because trump not dictating enough
as a kid never understood scarecrow speak without brain then got facebook
south park show me on this doll where my pillow guy hurt you mentioning god and bible
week 2 of lockdown thinking about osama bin laden stuck in house with 3 winves 5 years may have called navy seals himself

Mainstream Media Over Last Two Months

Conservative Momma on Twitter: Mainstream Media Take on Corona Virus

Tweet of the Day

tweet no contradiction in belief virus is dangerous nor unemployment nor authoritarian government policies

Quote of the Day

quote people say government had to intervene during great depression didnt happen until government sowell

Just Saying…

worst plagues in history cov15 swine flu asian aids black death communism 100 million dead
worldwide deaths january to april covid 19 flue malaria cancer abortion

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