04-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

a spoon full of 1200 helps the tyranny go down
calvin and hobbers where are they now tiger king
venn diagram covid 19 is dangerous government using as excuse to take away rights
landlord can handle month of not everyone paying rent strike everyone evicted because bank foreclosed on landlord
if you look like this hillary clinton carole baskin 100 percent chance kill people
ive spent 2 weeks handing out with myself sorry to every person who spent time with
walter white breaking bad heading out for laundry detergent tp underwear
covid 19 spider government grenade launcher blow up economy arnold
breaking china released graph covid 19 no new chases usa bad
say it im your president trump giving check to liberal
to do during lockdown drink a whiskey drink vodka lager cider sing songs tubthumping
breaking president trump now wearing mask batman
economic shutdown republican cure is killing him democrats happy i know isnt it awful
hate trump media enemy of the people abc cnn cbs nbc msnbc nyt post politico newsweek
bernie drug addict supporter cant use malaria drug on coronavirus trump is an idiot

Tweets of the Day

tweets trump coronavirus travel ban spot problem pelosi schumer biden sanders

Quote of the Day

quote took worldwide pandemic shock market plunch social distancing closing small businesses to bring to obama economy rush limbaugh

Question of the Day

would you believe to be true never taught to look further

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