04-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee liberal treated with hydroxychloroquine hopes still dies of covid 19 to prove trump is stupid
police sound of music hills are closed police
bernie sanders running off with money no refunds
trump threatens world health organization funding ron swanson cheer slash it
archie bunker to all you offended you wouldnt have made it through one episode of me
trump devil bowed her head because she knew shed been beat nancy come on back if you wnat to try again
chuck norris drinking corona virus
greatest generation fought war beach 2020 kids watch netflix home cant take much more
obey government stay home close business get in boxcars
when government says can go outside prisoners doing pullups
breaking cdc warns covid 19 death toll may surpass clinton body count
covid cant move sideways tyme machines x side by side
when theres over 98 percent chance of surviving coronavirus media just get in the coffin
babylon bee bill gates had cure for coronavirus wiped out by windows virus
willy wonka watching sedentary depressive obese junk food lock themselves indoors dont get sick

Message of the Day

Two more weeks of this bullshit and things need to start to change for selected parts of the country. How many more unemployed/underemployed do we have to create? How many more businesses need to fold? How many people have to lose their houses or apartments because they can’t make the monthly payment? How much tax revenue must be lost (which pays for education, health care, defense, etc.)? How much of people’s college & retirement funds must be destroyed? And there’s a little thing called quality of life. All the medical “experts” like Dr. Fauci don’t take any of these into account in their recommendations. None of them are losing their jobs or living paycheck to paycheck. The despicable mainstream media, interested only in pumping ratings and destroying people who don’t share their ideology, have created an irrational fear that has overwhelmed people’s common sense.

Is Questioning Our Medical Masters About The Draconian Coronavirus Response A ‘Moral Crime’? – Scott Morefield

venn diagram people taking covid19 seriously authoritatian government impending economic devastation

Tweets of the Day

tweet matt walsh yes shut down farmers market god forbid anyone not in corporate chain survive annihilate small business
tweet matt walsh hospitals reporting anyone with covid 19 who dies caused by coronavirus
tweet donald trump jr nbc news china no new deaths

cnn skydiver who forgot parachute dies of corona virus
winnie the pooh bullshit stats about covid deaths western media

Quote of the Day

quote buddha 3 things cannot be hidden sun moon and truth

Other Links That May Interest You

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3 thoughts on “04-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. You should be perfectly able to stay home from this virus if your grandparents could go fight and die in a war against the Japanese.

    Also if you stay at home you’re a government puppet and deserve to be enslaved for exchanging freedom for safety.

    Nobody seeing the dissonance here?

  2. Has any one looked into the 60″s & 70″s do gooders of that that era, saying kids had to many violent toys, i.e. cap guns, war playsets, etc. And now we have so much violence in the movies, comics, TV, wrestling, and have less “violent toys” to play with. The experts say the movie violence and TV crap doesn’t harm young people?

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