04-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

f in school most kindergarten teachers have one in classroom flask jeopardy
ivy league weve suspended academic activity corona you did that years ago
my wife says pound head on keyboard if dont get off computer joking
carole baskin his death total accident hillary clinton agrees
corona extra official sponsor of longest spring break ever
april every year snow during quarantine perfect sunny
china media puppet feeding liberals propaganda
exorcism unable to go to church due to coronavirus nancy pelosi gets visit from local pastor
i didnt want coronavirus wanted zombies this apocalype is horse shit
liberal unfettered capitalism got us into recession kind of hard when government ordered businesses to shut down
mainstream media dont evaluate what we tell you just accept it shuting down economy corona

Tweet of the Day

tweet same people trump medical advice say bill bye scientist gore and 16 year old girl climate bill gates doctor

Quote of the Day

quote trump we built the greatest economy in world ill do it a second time

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