04-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

liquor store sign home schooling get your supplies here
the media what really happened jumping out of window
bernie sanders knowing he let down his followers crying cash
joe biden 2020 grope and change embracing america benind you hands on president
office corporate picture difference carole baskin hillary clinton theyre the same
when adding up deductions 2020 taxes legal to use cdc covid death counting method
democrats disney mainstream media bowing before china dear leader
when youre trying to cut back on posting memes but government wont stop doing crazy things kermit
how non essentials treat essential spouses from work shower clean
todays homeschool lesson fractions wine glasses
government when you ask them how many weeks lockdown going to last 8 infinity count

Tweets of the Day

tweets bill oreilley fauci mitchell death stats preexisting conditions

Quote of the Day

quote clint eastwood ive always been libertarian leave everybody alone

Other Links That May Interest You

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