04-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee search for best possible presidential candidates concludes trump biden
hope they allow us off lockdown by july 4 so we can celebrate our freedom
good news hydroxychloroquine should save your life covid 19 proving trump right liberal screaming
dnc blue no matter who democrats carole baskin husband
police car dont stand so close to me
visit to gynecologist spring 2020 laptop
jesus worshipping cops dont even think about it
dr dolittle china who us mainstream media lapdog trumps fault
new challenge for trump haters post picture of you tearing up stimulus check
beginning give me liberty or death unless virus they strip freedoms job income constitutional rights put me under house arrest
keith ellison covid 19 shopping list universal health care green new deal high takes hand over rights
for love of god do all road construction now

CNN: I Don’t Understand Why Trump Calls us ‘Fake News’

CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, Politico All Change Headlines on Same Story That Tells Truth About Dems

fake news cnn using hurricane footage coronavirus story

Tweet of the Day

tweet 75 percent doctors hydroxychloroquine zithromax treat covid 19 unproven 16 year old girl climate change media we must listen

Quote of the Day

quote tucker carlson watching people media talk down potentially life saving medicine because dont like trump most shameful thing ever seen

Random Thought of the Day

A couple weeks back a reporter asked Trump during a press conference if he would pardon the “Tiger King”. I think that is the only example I can think of the past six weeks when the media wasn’t trying to do one of two things:

1. Spread fear, panic, and pessimism.
2. Second-guess and cast blame at anything and everything Trump said or did on Covid-19.

Of course, they’re once again saying Trump should’ve shutdown the nation earlier, blah blah blah. What would have been the reaction? “Trump is spreading fear! Trump is racist and xenophobic! Trump is just trying to change the subject from his impeachment!” They are truly the enemy of the people; 95+ percent of everything wrong with the world can be traced directly or indirectly to a dishonest, corrupt, divisive, hate-filled mainstream media.


But Trump Ignored My Recommendations!

quotes fauci coronavirus not major threat americans shouldnt be worried go on cruise ship

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