04-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

governors quarantine plan fishing lake church not safe government wal mart safe
this is all part of larger agena think youre being paranoid hazmat suit
were living in 2 stephen king novels dead zone and the stand if clowns show up
whats really selfish expecting others to surrender liberties so you can enjoy false sense of security
forced vaccine my body my choice liberal insane
graph relative importance in 2020 so far coffee gas toilet paper alcohol sweat pants internet
may be time to revisit views bain n95 mask quaranteine manhatten foe infected by bat
cnn tom cruise moves like vanilla sky not minority report cnn editing
you married people ok havent heard im so blessed hes my everything in while
guys read constitution 10 times nothing government can shutdown everything says opposite
bernie sanders i am once again the establishments bitch

Tweets of the Day

tweet matt walsh family playing basketball in violation of stay at home order
tweet candace owens math percentage of americas non new yorkers corona end of world accept narrative

Quote of the Day

quote fauci is front man for big pharma dr lies

Flashback Reminders

new york cuomo bill deblasio 6 months ago illegals free college health care
trump showing haberman new york times quote more cases clear corona out of china
Timeline: the Trump Administration’s Decisive Actions To Combat the Coronavirus

Corrupt/Fake Media: the Usual

new york times coronavirus story using 2013 stock photos for bodies
tweet bannett bongino trump cnn bias no one watch in airports

Message of the Day

i much rather be conspiracy theorist question everything then sheep blindly accepts bs were being sold corona

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  1. very good site fun to read but the DR Shiva video was excellent it was in your face honesty that is helpful and you dont get much any more TY for a very good site keep up good work

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