04-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

any time money is exchanged one party to another government where is my cut taxes
spain italy usa coronavirus fatalities china you guys are counting
signed permission slip to leave your house us constitution
jack nicholson longer quarantine goes on jack from shining held together quite well
losing ticket revenue what should we do let people go to work cut spending harass people not bothering anyone
democrats cant let trump steal election only we can do that mail in ballot
bernie sanders i am once again asking you to vote for whoever dnc wants
regardless their age men will be men baby stairing at hooters
china who we shouldnt point fingers pointing at trump
mainstream media propaganda trump holding mirror
babylon bee china praises michigan governor totalitarian behavior
sandler me 5 minutes into donald trumps daily press briefings
its not martial law its democratic martial law cops enforcing corona quarantine
wizard of oz americans trump catching mainstream medias blatant hypocrisy
babylon bee medical experts confirm diagnosis her immunity from sexual assault allegations democrats biden

CNN, Always Fair and Balanced Coverage

cnn converage christine blasey ford compared to tara reade

Tweets of the Day

tweet benny corona people arrested going to church playing with kids not wearing mask jogging on beach turning into china
tweet sean davis chris hayes china deaths discovery like puppy chasing self in mirror

Quote of the Day

quote ronald reagen concentrated power has always been enemy of liberty

Message of the Day

thank you democrats dont want to get sick or die but will walk 6 miles in rain wearing hazmat suit to vote you out

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