04-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

quarantine walking around house blaming everything on carole baskin
babylon bee tryrant trump wants to let people leave their home
conversation what are you guys playing hopscotch hopping scotch wife husband
coronavirus tip you can mouth words fuck you all day to someones face wont know it
day 27 quarantine garbage man stuck pamphlet for aa on my recycling bin
so theres no cure for virus killed with soap and sanitizer
more americans infected with trump derangement sydrome than coronavirus change my mind
which sold out faster this month bernie sanders toilet paper
liberal choice trump didnt close country soon enough doesnt have power to open up
obama joe biden has touches us all thats why i endorsed him today
branco cnn nbc cbs nbc trump press conference ass chewed out
babylon bee give me liberty or government lockdown whatever
man eaten by shark dies from coronavirus pelosi blames trump cnn
if you argue trump should have shut down country sooner has authority if not governors should have

Tweets of the Day

tweet never forget new york times published biden no sexual misconduct except hugs kisses touches made women uncomfortable
tweet every government shuts state should lose salary duration of shutdown if you ask others to sacrifice income you should do the same
tweet dan borgino bizarro trump superman plays video of media own words melt down call propaganda.jp[g

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell want to help people tell truth help yourself what they want to hear

Message of the Day

every government service monopoly can lose money forced patronage poor service take it or leave it

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