04-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee american sports fans would even watch soccer at this point
bernie sanders once again asking you to support same candidate spent year telling you not to trust
truck window essential dr evil quotes
red dawn on scale 1 10 how sick of government are you wolverines
how we all look staring out windows right now hannibal lecter
dr tedros who no human transmission of coronavirus kiss ass of china
kevin hart remember when you wished weekend last forever you happy now
when your girl drags you to house not be asshole see prius with bernie 2020 sign its showtime
new york deaths from flu pneumonia heart attack covid 19 theyre the same picture
socially distance few weeks flatten curve escalated stay fuck inside all times call cops
sesame street count new york just making shit up number deaths
whats magic word to get what you want im offended
cnn trump should shutdown nation doesnt have power will kill people because of actions
kids going back to school no barber dentist teacher dumb and dumber carrey
wonka where does flu go not flu season

Tweet of the Day

tweet rand paul constitution if we dispense with restraints more to worry about than virus

Quote of the Day

quote william blum no matter how paranoid conspiracy minded what government doing worse than imagine

Message of the Day

You could set the speed limit at 5 mph and stop traffic deaths. You could prevent injury & death by banning skydiving, rock climbing, boxing, football, skiing, hunting, and other dangerous activities. You could ban all sports, parties, weddings, flying, parades, and so on to slow the spread of almost every communicable illness. And yes, we could follow all the freedom-crushing orders of tin pot dictators like governors Evers, Northam, and Whitmer to MAYBE slow covid-19. But who wants to live in such a boring, mundane world where many people can’t even make a living?

Those who want to live in fear are welcome to cower in their homes and only venture out in hazmat suits. That is their right. It’s also my right to live my life. It used to be in a free country that people could use their common sense, make educated choices, and live with the consequences of their actions, both good and bad. Now we’re forced to follow a bunch of arbitrary rules straight out of Orwell’s 1984. What has it got us?…22 million new unemployed, hundreds of thousands of businesses teetering with bankruptcy, a plummeting stock market, $4 trillion in new government debt, trillions is lost tax revenue. Sports, weddings, concerts, festivals cancelled. School years ended with many graduations delayed. The cure has destroyed FAR more than the Corona illness. I’ve spent a month following government Covid-19 guidelines like a good little peasant citizen, but I’m officially done! Come arrest me if you want for the crime of seeking life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

quote every man dies not every man really lives

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