04-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

blind mouse the metoo believe all women crowd with joe biden
before after coffee face chalkboard
sponge bob be productive sleep slack during quarantine wont have this much free time again
coronavirus vaccine eliminate covid 19 just like flu did
journalism class destroy gop trump report facts when convenient
perfect quarantine furniture sit and sip refillable winebag chair
bernie sanders suspending my campaign hillary clinton 2016 quitter trump stole presidency
nightly on mainstream media odd couple cnn losers trump fauci
ralphie oh boy my biden wtf are you saying decoder ring
notmyvirus hashtag that should do the trick
nancy pelosi best to fight chinese virus eat ice cream all racists stop funding orange man bad
babylon bee michigan governer whitmen revolting against tyrannical government unamerican

Random Thought of the Day

Ok, so re-opening depends on 1) a possible vaccine, which is estimated to be 12-18 months away and likely to be as effective as the flu vaccine, and 2) sufficient tests for everyone. We have 328 million people in the U.S., so how long will it take to mass produce that many tests of which didn’t even exist when all this started…and package, distribute, and administer? And is one test good enough, since someone may contract Covid-19 subsequent to testing negative? But hey, we got $1200, so it’s ok to continue destroying the economy and shredding civil liberties. We should just trust our government and media–they know what is best for us stupid peasants.

american small businesses in flames democrats smiling

Tweets of the Day

tweet fast way trump begin opening to announce wants closure rest of year
tweet bernie bro poses as protestor msnbc washington post retweet
tweet matt walsh new rul criticizing lockdown protesters preface whether have income or not

Quote of the Day

quote fear does not stop death stops life take away todays peace

Let’s Review

summarize democrat response to emergency corona covid 19
flu killed 34000 in us last year you werent afraid because media didnt tell you to be

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