04-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

oh places youll stay dr fauci stay on couch in room meeting on zoom seuss
cnn jim acosta tested negative for being a journalist
me coming online with my stolen memes to cheer you up im essential
when store lines ok but fishing alone not we have problem with our government
can this just be full blown apocalypse or over not know find new job or loot neighbors house
stop eating out cook at home youll lose weight quarantine determined that was a lie
when you realize cinco de mayo on taco tuesday messed up virus name as mexican beer
cnn nothing more important than covid trump banned immigration car turn
bill clinton did someone say co ed 19
george soros puppetmaster dance my bitches hillary obama comey anderson cooper pelosi
corona times arrest going to church playing with kids jogging flu from china made us into china
new york snitch number text shut down pictures of bird dicks
babylon bee us reports largest one day increase in cases of tds trump derangement sydrome

Tweet of the Day

tweet laura lingraham harringon are americans going to stand for drone social distancing where is aclu

Quote of the Day

quote elon musk what i find most surprising is cnn still exists

Message of the Day

lisa simpson if your state opens before you think it should youre still allowed to stay inside

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