04-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

breaking tampa bay signed more former patriots referees
mom can i please not stay home from school today
growing up poor struggle was real bread sandwish hotdog hamburger garlic
stay home so we can make covid disappear like your civil liberties
imagine after weeks of quarantine husbands ready to build wives she shed
tomorrow home school tornado drill lock kids in closet until all clear
liberals want to pay off student loans for colleges paying liberals six figure speaking fees quid pro quo
journalists please help us you need our indispensable reporting meghan closes a door
covid 19 talking point translation guide shutting down whole economy constitution rights want people to die
de blasio social distancing tip line penis photos hitler memes ron swanson dammit love this country so much
babylon bee facebook removing any posts quoting first amendment encouraging illegal activity
great awakening trump cat media rats cnn nyt nbc cbs

Message of the Day

message when political party is gleeful over stock market crash virus transmission mabye dont vote for

Tweet of the Day

tweet steven soderbergh contagoin leading task force directors ryan reynolds played medical student

Quote of the Day

quote william wallace difference position exists to provide people with freedom make sure they have it

Random Thought of the Day

You’ve all likely seen recent pronouncements by execs from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other Big Tech companies on how they’ll be censoring any content that goes against World Health Organization recommendations. While we all know there’s a ton of fake content on the web, isn’t the very essence of the scientific method about continual testing & evaluation of information? A few months back WHO was still telling the world Covid-19 didn’t spread person-to-person. How do we know all their “science” is correct now? Scholarly people applying sound scientific research can run additional studies on the millions of existing cases in the world. Shouldn’t their new information be allowed to be published, even if it runs counter to existing WHO guidelines? Any critical thinking American will always look at the source before deciding how much weight to give the new studies. This censorship is liberal fascism at its worst and is dumbing down society to the point we have way too many mind-numbed robots that follow along with whatever the government and media say.

worst part of censorship everything fine trust your government

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