04-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

apology to wife kids wrote yippe ki yay i instinctively finished he knows new word
baskin robbins no relation to carole baskin sign
trump wartime president rinos covid 19 media rinos economy
us 2025 cops 6 feet dispersion vaccinations biometrics hostile combatant
trump maestro exposes mainstream media hypocrisy racist xenophobe chinese flu
bablylon bee people cant go much longer without job haircut being called hippee
bill gates walking globalism dog who leash
if polls arent safe in november maybe we can vote walmart lowes home depot
babylon bee aoc ocasio cortez nation in favor never going back to work
covid 19 grim reaper poverty you aint seen nothing yet

Question & Answer

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk 22 million unemployed but money for harvard refugee resettlement house salaries

Quote of the Day

quote benjamin franklin lifes biggest tragedy we get told too soon and wise too late

Just an Observation

wuhan covid 19 statistical comparison democrat republican run states

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