04-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

antiprotest shutdown supporters swear blind obedience forfeit any all rights given by constitution
family guy just sleep on couch tonight to cut down morning commute
posting fake story about lysol injections liberal friends ignoring joe biden sexual allegations
protesters how many lives your haircut worth here to get laid hypocritical sign
recycling in 2019 not alcoholic just like to party 2020 didnt have party
conservatives want to go back to work liberals want to stay home nothing has changed
2020 written by stephen king directed by quentin tarantino
do you suffer from tds trump derangement sydrome maga constitution racist fascist russian spy
unemployed no stimulus check lines at food banks haha mad you cant get haircut karen
obvious trump supporters iceberg liberals silent ones deep ocean
babylon bee trump says drink losts of water msnbc media says drown themselves

Tweet of the Day

tweet facebook censoring any posts counter to claims of who means violation spreads person to person

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell ignorance of educated most dangerous more influence dont know outside field

Message of the Day

being constantly offended mean too narcissitic to tolerate opinion different than yours

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