04-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

experts kids model behavior they see kids never doing laundry
marquee sign i just finished netflix
costanza bag is not resealable can only contain one serving
please stop warning people to not drink disinfectant lets just let it play out
2020 in one sentence roll of toilet paper worth more than barrel of oil
people who have jobs saying selfish wanting to work me needing income to survive horne
trump if you are bitching at people stay inside you cant order delivery to make people go out for you
babylon bee biden proud to select hillary clinton laser dots
imagine trusting the creator of windows to protect you against a virus
editorial why not work from home get back to work by dog by cat
fat quarantine is over how do we get out
lincoln democrats hated hurled insults started civil war havent changed a bit

CNN – Erasing History

It’s not enough that CNN and the rest of the mainstream media are completely ignoring Tara Reade’s accusations against Joe Biden. They’re actively covering up evidence, such as when Tara’s mother called into the Larry King show to talk about the rape on 8/11/1993:

cnn august 11 1993 larry king episode erased tara reade joe biden

CNN ‘Larry King’ episode featuring Biden accuser’s mother disappears from Google Play catalog

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk wonder how many government non essential employees lost job

Quote of the Day

quote fredrickson things passionate about not random they are your calling

Question of the Day

question how about anybody wants to remain quarantined can stay home rest can go back my body my choice

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