04-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

found 20 in parking lot what would jesus do turned it into wine
kids learned in quarantine government overreach is real home of government slave sheep give up rights out of fear
trump had bacon eggs for breakfast media so you are saying kill all vegans
democrats media we cant reopen country until flatten trump reelection curve
drudge report then 2016 trump now orange man bad run by google angry woman
men like infants if you want them to shut up just put a boob in their mouth
joke hello is this cnn i have confidential information about death of kim jung un
joe biden believe all women unless they accuse me hillary or my husband 2020
bablylon bee latest computer model predict between 0 and 12.6 billion dead covid

Biggest Threat to Democracy

Tucker Rips Youtube For Pulling ‘Problematic’ Coronavirus Video: ‘Censorship Never Is About Science’
Big Tech Fascism Meme Gallery

Adventures in Propaganda Mainstream Media

The Most Tragic Case of Governmental, Medical, and Media Malpractice In the History of the World – Doug MacKinnon
Who Wrote This Pro-Communist China Article? CNN Or Xi Jinping? – Kylee Zempel

romper room news trump white house press corp cnn msnbc china jim acosta

Tweets of the Day

tweet dan borgino tx police raid salon
tweet mark young bill deblasio sounds literally like hitler warning to jews

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul governments have no right or authority to tell what business or activity is essential

Message of the Day

coronavirus deaths iceberg unemployment suicide death of children disease violence

Other Links That May Interest You

One of the Dems’ Most Influential Political Operatives Is Under Investigation

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