05-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

any time turn on tv covid 19 doom news
paying essential workers proper wage no commercials thanking yes
facebook fact checkers hard at work 3 stooges
question has anyone else noticed word pandemic is just dem surrounded by panic
trump derangement sydrome mainstream media what do you see drink bleach inject lysol
non essential members of human race pelosi schiff watters nadler
babylon bee new radar system alerts government when people enjoying so they can ban it
citizens weve flattened the curve can we go back to work vader altering the deal pray dont alter further
babylon bee judge dismisses sexual assault against biden on grounds not a republican

Message of the Day

message never about virus michael douglass about seeing how far before you push back

Tweets of the Day

tweet hannah cox how about this no one arrested for cutting hair texas cops raid salon
tweet candace owens elon musk free america now

Quote of the Day

quote constiution not suspended in times of crisis barr

Question of the Day

ever wonder how one little dog controls much larger sheep fear

Safety Above All Else

I feel safer by the day knowing police resources are directed to fighting the truly dangerous criminals and activities.

police boarding up bench coronavirus

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