05-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

caution construction hole this is sparta
that you government for protecting me from flu destroying economy income freedoms boot to head
birthday candle 6 you didnt see that pot pipe
dogs thought quit job spend more time with them cats fired loser they knew we were
president joe biden hello room service pressing nuclear button
if we all just accept a medical surveillance state we can get back to normal
pulling into january may john travolta sandy uma thurman
damn coronavirus smart knows difference between grocery and hair salon
bablylon bee california prisons release felons make room for skaters go outside

Random Thought of the Day

Everyday I hear the media reports of “Dr. Fauci says we can do….” and “Dr. Fauci says we can’t do…”. Who made him the king chief commander of everything we can or can’t do in this country? No one elected him, and he’s just one man expressing opinions. But the media whines, “Trump should listen to the EXPERTS!” President Trump has indeed followed almost every recommendation from Fauci since all this corona crap started, but he is ONE expert. He’s an expert in epidemiology. He’s not an expert in economics, productivity, finance, business, and everything else that makes the nation function. He’s not an expert on the lives of the everyday American. And even in his area of expertise, there are plenty of health care professionals that disagree with him. When a person has a serious medical condition, have you ever heard, “You should get a second opinion?” Doctors are obviously not always right, and we’re talking about a new virus where no one is truly an “expert”. The same media cries of listening to the experts were used in various military engagements throughout history such as wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The presidents in charge listened to their military experts, and Americans decisively won every major battle in each of those wars, but did they result in a better world? Or were there other political, economic, and foreign policy considerations that generals were not “experts” in? The President and governors do indeed need to listen to experts on covid-19, but so far they’ve only listened to a narrow selection of experts focused on guesses of what will preserve the most lives with no regard to quality of life, the state of the economy, civil rights, or the future of the nation.

Tweets of the Day

tweet candace owens tara reade vs christine blasey ford where are riots
tweet pat sajak understand how difficult for celebrities forced to sit in our homes like regular people

Quote of the Day

quote what ifs and should haves will eat your brain john ocallaghan

True Citizen Heroes

just look at those kids out there playing ball call the cops

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One thought on “05-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Excellent “RTOTD – Random thought of the Day” …
    Ask the experts “how to build a house”
    Carpenter – use wood
    Electrician – use Romex
    Plumber – use PVC
    GENERAL CONTRACTOR – use carpenter, electrician, plumber…

    Politician – use only lawyers.

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