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05-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

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In case you haven’t seen this, George Carlin nails it. People against the Stay-at-home orders don’t want anyone to die. If you get the flu, in the vast majority of cases, you recover without medical intervention. Why is it different with Covid-19? Our immune systems haven’t learned to handle it. Despite quarantine measures, we’re all likely going to be exposed eventually, and a possible future vaccine will have dubious effectiveness with all the strains & mutations. So for young and healthy people who have a 99.9% chance of covid survival, maybe it’s not the worst thing to get it over with now so we have the antibodies? We can continue protection measures for the most vulnerable, yet save the economy, jobs, and businesses.

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Big Tech Fascism Update

This tweet got conservative voice Candace Owens banned from Twitter. This Thought Police bullshit has to stop! It is the single biggest threat to American and World democracy!

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