05-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

pornhubs server unemployment office server
branco kavanaugh vs biden pelos booker metoo
do you have kings permission to be outside filthy peasant
how my facebook feed looks right now put on masks kiss our ass
bill gates dr fauci dr evil mini me
like wake up call covid 10 being used as attempt to push manipulate freedoms
media looking anything else biden tara reade
british get inside your house release murder hornets the what
christine blasey ford vs tara reade statements media response comparison
calm down were only doing fascism until theres a vaccine
biden imagine being such a bad candidate use hillary as character reference
i found piece of paper stating restrictions liften old dated 1776
babylon bee youtube removing all videos that dont begin with chinese national anthem

Where Is the ACLU?

Like the NAACP, the ACLU has completely abandoned it’s original mission to become a pure political extension of the Democratic party and Deep State. Recently, despite some of the most clear violations of the Bill of Rights in U.S. history, the American Civil Liberties Union is nowhere to be found. Tucker Carlson makes some interesting points on the subject.

Tip of the Day

dont let mask become muzzle prager

Quote of the Day

quote charlie kirk not that students opposed to conservative ideas not exposed to them in first place

Message of the Day

message remember government attacked first in crisis church gun stores freedom business assemble constitutional rights

Question of the Day

question if lockdown masks work why are states emptying prisons

Other Links That May Interest You

Time for Reopening – Michael Barone

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