05-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

murder hornet deaths if we do nothing stay inside for 4 months
okay to be white black straight gay you not yellow light
urinals blocked off we already do this no need to enforce it
we did it patrick flattened curve economic collapse domestic violence suicide businesses destroyed
message you are not making us live in fear but you are really starting to piss us off
rights shall not be infringed what did they mean by this
christine blasey ford tara reade comparison of events biden kavanaugh
excuse me sir have you accepted bill gates as your lord and savior
metoo movement never about victims only destroying political opponents change my mind
minnesota governor tim walz moving goal posts covid 19 recovery
new normal just propaganda means accept what should not be normal
beware of deadly viruses abc cbs nbc cnn msnbc
babylon bee google autocorrect tara reade allegations with kavanaugh

Message of the Day

message tea party protests revolution disobeying nonsensical laws how we started this great country

Tweet of the Day

tweet jordan rachel having 10 person limit not fair biden can have rallies not trump

Quote of the Day

quote tucker carlson imagine country where illegal immigrants can work vote without document

Flashback Reminder

Surgeon General Doubles Down: Masks Increase Virus Risk

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