05-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

covid 19 solution you do you ill do me not afraid
highlander bumper sticker heads chopped off
me cautiously taking my first steps into world after quarantine is over
you lied my kids are not a joy to have in class
democrats you stay home republicans will get the economy going again like we always do
fencing perfect covid 19 sport masks gloves stab someone within 6 feet
cat why are you annoying servants staying in hmy home all day now
bees preparing for murder hornets toilet paper purell clorox
government says stay home close business get in boxcar you obey
why is fbi here google how to weaponize murder hornets against government
babylon bee chinese government lays off entire propaganda team america media

Tweet of the Day

tweet tyler zed in this together no politicians continue collect 174000 salary

Quote of the Day

quote reagan you cant be for big government taxes still be for little guy

In Case You Missed the Derby…

Message of the Day

As with the Tea Party protests, people who stand up for freedom and the Constitution must be portrayed as zealots. It makes the peasants easier to rule.

message you are being conditioned to think people stand for freedoms are selfish extreme irresponsible hateful

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