05-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

I’m seeing a ton of people posting the plandemic movie (largely because Youtube keeps deleting it) and then an almost equal number of people posting an angry doctor’s response attacking the first video and calling anyone who believes it an idiot, don’t you fact check, etc. My question to those who posted the response is, did you fact check the response video? After all, if fake information can be posted, can’t the response video also include fake information? Be honest, did any of you who posted the response research to see if THAT was accurate?

Can we all agree there is a ton of fake and inaccurate information on the web, and EVERYTHING has to be taken with a grain of salt, including from the so-called mainstream sources more interested in ratings and click-bait than accuracy? For those of you who roll your eyes at the “conspiracy theories”, having Big Tech censorship overlords continue to silence anyone with a different viewpoint is only going to make them grow. When Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, did silencing him feed or squash Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories?

Big Tech censorship is the greatest threat to our democracy. Too many Americans go along with it because they disagree with or don’t believe the posts being deleted. But one day, you may have some beliefs that go against the prevailing views of the current Thought Police. Then, you may regret not standing up for those people having their First Amendment rights trampled on.

democrats decided that constiution cant change free speech so let google facebook twitter do it
1984 now moved to non fiction section

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

what good is economy democratic socialism starter pack cnn google facebook
15 dollars hour or we wont survive also the left 0 per hour sign
back to future rule never set it to 2020
fear strikes timeline y2k anthrax west nile bird flu ecolin corona virus
cdc forget about all those inaccurate virus models used to justify collapsing the economy men in black neurolyzer
democratic response to pandemic release felons buy from china investigate trump
murder hornets another one for apocalypse bingo
me guy looking at murder hornets ignoring covid girl
greta thunberg demand everyone drive electric cars kids africa mining cobalt fast as we can
that will be 1000 chasing birds not reasonable excuse to be outside cat
behold media invisible woman joe biden touched me where did she go
pretty wild ate cake after somone blew on it
why dont you trust government well weve seen a thing or two waco ruby ridge

Those Damn “Conspiracy Theorists”

Researcher ‘On Verge of Making Very Significant’ Coronavirus Findings Shot to Death – Yahoo News

leslie nielsen move along nothing to see here naked gun

Message of the Day

our constitution was written because of people like this whitmer cuomo newsom

Tweet of the Day

tweet chuck woolery models like polls used to frighten shape views worthless

Quote of the Day

quote george crenshaw when science enters realm of politician manipulated for an agenda

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