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I absolutely do NOT believe all the Covid posts going around social media. Some things make perfect sense; others are a little out there for me. But too often lately, I’ve seen the terms “debunked”, “misinformation”, and “conspiracy theory” used to apply to ANYTHING a person disagrees with or that goes against government-mandated thoughts. I’m pretty sure it’s not a conspiracy theory to say humans have an immune system that develops antibodies to fight specific antigens. And doctors expressing opinions based on new data is not misinformation (have you ever heard in a hospital, “You should get a 2nd opinion”?). Too many people have closed their minds and lack civility. Can’t counter an argument? Say it’s debunked and call the opponent “anti-science”. When all else fails, attack the speaker personally. Let’s remember this is a new disease where we’re getting new data every day. For either side to claim they know everything or the facts are indisputable, I say turn to the beginning of any science textbook and review the circular Scientific Method. I could go on for hours reviewing all the things in history where majority scientific opinion was dead wrong. Remember the old FDA food pyramid that was pushed by the government for decades? Let’s all be real scientists by keeping an open mind.

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