05-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

quarantine life mathew mcconahey weeks
welcome to may 2020 jobs obsolete friends illegal manage to spend 100 dollars daily
check on neighbors not ok prison planet bullshit
forced vaccination property of us government police state mainstream media lies
joe stalin thank you for reporting neighbors businesses extra ration for you
i dont wear mask not sick traps germs no scientific evidence submission to tyrannical government
coronavirus sponge bob my strong ass immune system because i ate dirt as a kid
director general world health organization magic 8 ball made in china
hypocritical left do as i say not as i do fredo cuomo de blasio pelosi biden mayor lightfoot
if i lived under hitlers regime says 100 million americans blindly obeying government turning in neighbors asking no questions
due to murder hornet menards now requires full beekeeper suits store entry
hair salon owner if you apologize let you go kiss my american ass
kim jung un just wanted few days off but have to come back because cnn said you were dead

Adventures in Tech Fascism

tweet twitter permanently suspends republican opponent ilhan omar tech fascism

Message of the Day

we live in society free thinking open minded called crazy ignorant close minded normal

Tweet of the Day

tweet make america work again missit don lemon obama more attractive then melania makes sense attracted to men

Quote of the Day

quote shelley luther if you think law more important feeding my kids

Message of the Day

billy jack when those who make laws dont live by them just fight for survival

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