05-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee guy injected with bill gates vaccine thinks internet explorer bing the greatest
help me move books to non fiction section 1984 brave new world handmaids tale fahrenheit 451
just want sign year will get better cloud flipping bird
most people ah ha moments i have of for fucks sake are you kidding me
coronavirus was created by spirit of halloween hopes of making other businesses fail vacant buildings
show me american slum ill show you place big government leftists in power
the corporate media is the virus lisa simpson
if the food runs out we still have each other
whose idea to put bats on 2020 quarter american samoa
would like to think ill die historic death trip over dog choke on frosting
minnesota governor walz release violent criminal arrest small business owner
when you get arrested wearing mask by cops not wearing one realize not about virus

Tweet of the Day

tweet jack m love america as canadian feels like we live in apartment above a meth lab

Quote of the Day

quote adam corolla heres how to learn to hate government build on own property or start own business

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