05-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

aliens watching another episode of shit show earth lol murder hornets
bernie sanders fear not when breadlines run out free health care will cure starvation
joe biden i accomplished nothing 50 years in washington dc give me a chance to do more
darth vader pre covid social distance work from home choke hold
government let people out of jail stop covid 19 put people in jail to stop
tv remain terrified question nothing stay home
welcome to middle age prepare to pay for everything youve done to body last 40 years
joe biden youve had enough wheaties how about a sloppy joe bruce jenner
babylon bee cnn replaces trump press briefings with president xis glorious president speaks daily words of truth
joe biden to obama dont worry about wall trending for some gate twitter

Question of the Day

Fauci Tells Congress: No Guarantee Covid Vaccine Will Be Effective

dr fauci america bullshit detector on high

Tweets of the Day

tweet adam corolla newsome back to normal if vaccine california not normal for 20 years
tweet left listen to doctors paul doctor and survivor cnn meant swedish child

Quote of the Day

quote common sense not gift but punishment deal with everyone doesnt have it

Random Thought of the Day

I’ve been seeing cheap-shot articles on Elon Musk in the news lately about how Tesla HR is saying employees will lose unemployment benefits if they refuse to return to work. In other words, he’s being criticized for the same policy that every American returning to work after layoff faces. No, this is simply a hit piece on Elon Musk because he committed the cardinal sin of liberalism – dissent! Despite the fact his life’s work is building environmentally-friendly cars to fight climate change, Musk dared to go against the liberal stay-at-home talking points, pointing out the fascist, unconstitutional overreach that the orders are. Expect a steady stream of Elon Musk hit pieces in the media at regular intervals until or unless he renounces his independent thinking and gets back in line with acceptable liberal ideology.

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