05-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lite syrup death husband wife communication fridge
i say what needs to be said not what you want to hear
media magnifying coronavirus crisis scaring people
horse reading 50 shades of hay
obamagate all the presidents men clapper brennan comey
branco still not safe to come out drowning us economy trump poll numbers rising
why country kids have good immune systems drinking with horse water
hillary i endorse joe biden thank you carole baskin
elon musk state of california cant open factory on lockdown note i can do what i want
you think its funny to kill anyone that cross you hillary clinton yes tired of pretending its not
cnn swedish child millions of qualified medical doctors opposing the lockdown
babylon bee hillary clinton suggests americans vote by email
mi governor whitmer plan close businesses schools ban guns raise taxes call people racist sexist coronavirus
can you explain obamagate spying no evidence because youre a journalist

Question of the Day

question influenza hiv covid coronavirus vaccine facts

Tweet of the Day

tweet there have been zero school shootings since closed for pandemic if saves even 1 life

Quote of the Day

quote charlie kirk elon musk hero freedom decades

Message of the Day

no one is staying home everyone gone to grocery store pharmacy essential job

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