05-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

warning posts may cause original thoughts question programmed indoctrinated thinking
corona extra other beers face masks
smudge thought of day murder hornets attracted to hand sanitizer
in challenging times if ever do decide cannabalism vegans grass fed
how to reopen america instructions in chinese closed for business
russian roulette american republicans democrats bullets
masks gloves vaccine endless line build your immune system no one there
store sign you must wear a mask to shop here me face mask
weather man no one can be as wrong as often still have job dr fauci wanna bet
how to solve all problems disney crocs communism people disagreeing give more power to government
constitution if those kids could read theyd be very upset democrats republicans
prime time media coverage of obama requested flynn unmasking

Adventures in Fake News

press conference is over cameras off cnn kaitlan collins rip mask off
soon as press media briefing over masks come off

Tweet of the Day

tweet maybe grass is greener because youre not on other side fucking it up

Quote of the Day

quote lockdowns not mechanism for disease eradication pay now or later

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