05-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

no one obeying stay at home orders zuckerberg facebook distract them with little avatars
please fire me woman screaming blt + cheese
what would be sexy eating food off each other did not do dishes texts
is 3 a lot depends on context dollars no months of catastrophe no
jussie smollett murder bees stung me yelled this is maga country
whitmer stalin book just until we find a cure blue state governor
how to build natural immunity healthy eating exercise sunlight what government recommends
congress all you can spend buffett back to business todays special endless debt nancy pelosi
government giving stop go signs to us business
when cnn puts child immunology not about sicence manipulation sign
moving goal posts flatten curve widespread testing until theres a vaccine covid
narrative now states reopened uptick in covid cases thought incubation was 14 days

Tech Fascism is Just Routine Now

Youtube Removes Viral Video From Epidemiologist Who Denounced Strict Lockdown Orders

Question of the Day

question if fart makes it through 2 layers of cloth denim how confident face mask

Tweet of the Day

tweet buck sexton if read story election outgoing president sabotage new happened here

Quote of the Day

quote jfk those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable

Message of the Day

message puppett stop calling in quarantine social distancing safe at home

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