05-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

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MSNBC Meme Gallery

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thought it was nasal swab covid testing in the rear
salons closed so long no selfies everyone now creating avatars
covid loans you little man get to sign right here states pandemic
kermit dont have time for your shit today patron fuck your tea
year is 2254 covid 19 lockdown still full effect last remaining karen says still not safe to open back up
doctor live to 80 drink smoke red meat golfing gamble sex
msnbc moonbats spouting nothing but crap maddow mathews olberman
first step to fight coronavirus throw tv out window
what i learned in quarantine covid hillary obama biden china controls media
maddow arrogance when consistently being wrong motivates you to lecture others what to do
americans facing certain death 1944 dday now americans 2020 99.9 survival rate cowering
breaking two medical experts to join great cnn coronavirus panel dumb and dumber
obama look trump doesnt know what hes doing pandemic cookie jar
babylon bee cash for freedom stores opened by government 1200

Tweet of the Day

tweet james woods history dictatorial regimes use intelligence agencies

Quote of the Day

quote hitler mein kampf best way to take control of people erode freedom tiny reductions

Question of the Day

question if you think people refuse masks denied medical treatment eat processed foods deny diabetes medicine

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