05-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my face mask hides my resting bitch face now people think im approachable
if you dont understand left lane blocking traffic youre reason directions on shampoo bottle
perfect couch seatbelts want to stay safe driving with mask on
opening states back up beach pool season summer liberals stuck in their homes
media reporting on everything trump does compared to all 1984 things states doing
i am corona virus great powerful pay no attention to that agenda behind curtain
joe biden democrats started with 30 candidates i am cream of that crop
msnbc maddow aliens russia sleeper agents trying to kill us are you scared
hillary only candidate lose to trump joe biden hold my you know the thing
should be illegal for you to leave house could harm me if i choose to leave my house
winner of best graduation cap 2020 tiger king never going to financially recover from this
babylon bee government announces lockdown of all fast food restaurants to prevent heart disease

Tweet of the Day

tweet larry elder hydrochloroquine racial violence media anecdotal evidence

Quote of the Day

quote greatest danger for most not too high miss too low and reach it michelangeo

Question of the Day

question if hydroxychloroquine so dangerous shouldnt media be happy trump using

Random Thought of the Day

A search on Google for “hydroxychloroquine research covid” brings back over 31 million results. Among those are many credible links with positive anecdotal as well as scientific studies on the effects of the drug in certain conditions; also, there are plenty of links that show the exact opposite; and of course, there are plenty of fake & non-credible articles on both sides of the effectiveness. Any real journalist would do a thorough research evaluation of both sides and present the pros/cons in an unbiased fashion. Compare that to 99% of mainstream media. They cherry a pick a few studies and doctor quotes that support the one-sided narrative they’re trying to push and stop there. Result: half the nation that only follows the liberal media crime syndicate (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Wash Post, CBS, ABC, etc.) know absolutely nothing about the endless research and testimonials that support its effectiveness. Most doctors, including White House ones, don’t get their information from the mainstream media, so they continue to prescribe the drug in certain conditions. But this is more than shoddy journalism. The fact that most of the media would suppress potentially life-saving information from millions of people for the sole reason of discrediting and destroying Trump, it shows they truly are the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

gump then after 80 years 50 million prescriptions democrats worried about hydroxychloroquine side effects
i trust in doctors science they debunk covid with science i trust those reaffirm narrative

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