05-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

new study confirms cats cant spread covid 19 but would if given option
dear plexiglass thank you for protecting me from masked cashier touched every single item now taking home
who wants to be millionaire biggest threat 2020 covid baskin hornets tp shortage
freddy mercury no mask on your face you bid disgrace waving your freedom all over the place
hillary if joe biden chooses you vp first thing to work on his obituary
baby little closer punch hillary clinton
muppets puppet soros puppet joe scarborough
trump wash my hydroxychloroquine with glass of liberal tears
governments when pandemic is over emergency powers why shouldnt i keep it
when covid 19 doesnt kill anyone on list hillary clinton why do always have to do everything myself
cuomo any comment rotten job desantis doing in florida bording covid nursing home
cnn politics state polls suggest biden clear national lead back to future hey ive seen this one
babylon bee state governors flee hair stylists shears

Tweet of the Day

tweet ka houchen hydroxychloroquine malaria drug cdc left hates trump

Quote of the Day

quote neuman mad only time politician telling truth when calls another politician liar

Indisputable Science

Attention all scientists and doctors posting on social media, please update your “indisputable science” guidelines for this week’s CDC Magic 8-ball update. Remember, misinformation will not be tolerated. 😷

CDC Now Says Coronavirus ‘Does Not Spread Easily On Surfaces’

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