05-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

every celebrity in 2020 you know im something of an epidemiologist myself
what really happened in wuhan cat knocking covid jar off counter
kermit how to slap someone while social distancing
obama all the presidents women rice powers farkas oath compared to media
michael myers jason everyone wearing masks now posers
normies theyll give us rights back once danger passes everyone thats read history book
liberals when business wont bake you cake when come in without facemask
msnbc logic 2 + 2 5 only because republicans say equals 4
governor andrew cuomo shooting hole in ny boat where is my bailout
bidens campaign manager after every live event ben

I Suspect This Disqualifies Her From VP Consideration

Amy Klobuchar Admits Miracle Drug Hydroxychloroquine Saved Her Husband’s Life (VIDEO)

Tweet of the Day

tweet candace owens from first utterance hydroxychroloquine corona media tried to discourage sick from taking trump

Quote of the Day

quote churchill pessimist optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty

The Progressives’ End Game

new world order un agenda 21 mission goals

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