05-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee study finds anyone different mask view sheep
social distance service dogs skunks
well it finally happened capitalism failed just had to seize means of production jail people for working
joe biden is racist rapist wheel of fortune
on my way to violate facebook community standards for sharing truth
cnn npr washington post new york times nbc puppets of china
cnn uv light only works on covid when a democrat says to use it
democrats election hopes 2020 pulled by corona virus
rachel dozier im voting for biden am i good now
bill gates software developer allowed to speak on covid 19 medical doctors censored by youtube
covid 19 floating through mask

In What World Does This Make Sense?

fauci need study for hydrochloroquine cures covid 19 vaccine immediately proper study later

Tweet of the Day

tweet tim young flatten curve social distancing snitch on neighbors give up liberty

Quote of the Day

quote youre mad bonkers all best people are alice in wonderland

Question of the Day

question why cancel flag placement memorial day didnt take day off fighting for freedom

Message of the Day

thank you democrats dont want to get sick or die but will walk 6 miles in rain wearing hazmat suit to vote you out

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