05-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wrapped plastic hi your server start you with some drinks
put down the constitution back away churches small business california
my plans 2020 summer of george costanza
fact more manpower to shut down salon than benghazi
hillary clinton accused fox news propaganda trump having abc msnbc hbo facebook twitter
minnesota walz power closed no singing church inside dining
kayleigh mcerny alright kids lets have a look at your homework

Seriously, Twitter?

trump tweet minnesota twitter glorifying violence

Face Palm of the Day

It’s almost as if the body has some kind of natural defense against pathogens. 🤔

scientists warn virus may be disappearing too fast for vaccine produce results covid 19

Tweets of the Day

tweet not against government healthcare environment just think government worst to provide
tweet where were twitter fact checkers jussie smollett covington kids russia collusion

Quote of the Day

quote washington privilege stay home two months telling everyone cant pay rent get over themselves

I See No Discernible Pattern, Lockdown the Whole Country!

usa map country divided by 1 3rd covid deaths

Random Thoughts of the Day

I keep hearing people say, “Why aren’t you wearing a facemask? The ‘scientists’ say it’s the best way to keep us safe!” Actually, it’s more accurate to say that SOME scientists, paid by the government, CURRENTLY recommend them. These are the same “scientists” who also once told us Covid didn’t spread person-to-person, said it spread easily on surfaces, and pleaded with us for two months NOT to wear masks (including Fauci and the Surgeon General). And there are thousands of scientists & doctors out there who have tried to detail the many disadvantages of masks, but their voices are being censored by Big Tech, while 99% of the mainstream media refuse to put on anyone not in the panic/stay-at-home/”We’re all gonna die!” crowd. Maybe in a free country, it should be everyone’s choice? As for Menards, Costco, and other places requiring facemasks, you can shove your masks where the sun don’t shine, coincidentally where they’ll provide you with about the same amount of covid protection.

New Study Casts More Doubt on Effectiveness of Masks in Preventing COVID-19 Spread

covid mask doesnt protect facebook fact check not much to interpret

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