05-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kenny south park proof that covering your face wont save your life
turns out when asked favorite child supposed to pick from own
quarantine barbie food wine netflix
dont go back to work make more collecting unemployment stay at home order devil angel
al sharpton guess whos headed to minneapolis gas can
fattening the curve lets spend another 3 trillion
marx lenin stalin sanders repeating prank
jewelry store stocks food to be essential business pro-gamer move
babylon bee bernie sanders arrives hong kong lecture protesters how good under communism
joe biden this mask is black but you aint
im offended you cant say that can did and will again archie bunker

Latest WHO/CDC Recommendation Spin

And for today’s spin of the CDC/WHO guidance wheel, we’re back to no masks. 🙄 So, does this mean Facebook/Youtube will be censoring doctors who recommend masks because it goes against WHO guidelines or doctors who recommend no masks because it goes against CDC guidelines? Which Thought Police division will win? 🤔

WHO Guidance: Healthy People Should Wear Masks Only When ‘Taking Care Of’ Coronavirus Patients

Mainstream Media Insanity Update

MSNBC Anchor Says Minneapolis Riot Is ‘Not Generally Unruly’… As a Building Burns Behind Him

msnbc minnestoa protest not unruly building burns in background

Tweet of the Day

tweet candace owens government criminalize work demand taxes

Quote of the Day

quote jefferson when injustice becomes law resistance becomes duy zuckerberg post removed

Message of the Day

sometimes black sheep of family one who tells truth

Big Tech Fascism Update

So now Facebook is censoring a satire website, Babylon Bee, whose slogan on the front page says “fake news you can trust?” Why, because it makes fun of leftists, which is simply unacceptable!

tweet set dillon bablylon bee being censored by facebook

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