06-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cdc issues warning rise of aggressive cannibal rats who had june pool
maybe start social distancing from grubhub americans up 5 lbs lockdown
on average panda feeds 12 hours per day same adult quarantine pandemic
maskhole thinks you should give up your freedoms because they dont understand statistics and virology
picutre of all 4 cops george floyd murder 2 are black
june 2020 might be alright bj sign
twitter free speech censored of right
venn diagram floyd shouldnt have diet shouldn't riot in streets
farley remember a whole week ago when people were afraid to gather large crowds awesome
rioters were coming to the suburbs next gun bugs bunny
you dont need ar 15 30 rounds police will protect you going to suburbs next
riots media putting gasoline on the fire

Question of the Day

question how did rioters get black tshirts cant breath mask coordinated

Tweets of the Day

tweet kibbe george floyd lost job lockdown murdered by cop with monopoly power
tweet things rioters have ended coronavirus lockdowns gun control mail in ballot

Quote of the Day

quote rand paul below 25 fatality rate covi .00008 percent open schools now

Message of the Day

sign not all blacks criminals whites racist

Other Links That May Interest You

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