06-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my wife made 1 cookies look like penises
old man self trained gynecologist sign
asks if learned new skills in quarantine liquor bottle chugging professional magician
found copy of government plan to reopen economy written in crayon
how protesters see themselves how i see them speed bump
how white leftists see themselves after complaining about white people online
you know lot going to facebook jail after fact checkers get back from rioting
spacex astronauts leaving earth explosions
babylon bee churchgoers avoid arrest disguising themselves as rioters
in chess these are called pawns rioters deep state

Question of the Day

notice how covid disappeared media controls you

Tweet of the Day

tweet tracey if youre cheering censorship of trump tweets easily could be your tweets

Quote of the Day

quote most racist thing tell me supposed to choose based on race biden you aint black

Message of the Day

shut down hateful fake national media watch 90 percent of wolds problems go away

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