06-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stub toe exact moment realize speak 17 different languages
office corporations essential employees applause call heroes hazard pay
oh youre rioting and looting for george floyd or soros
think coincidence riots started week before hearings into obamagate
venn diagram outraged by george floyd supports good cops no rioting looting
aikman gonna tell my kids this is jay z after he didnt vote for biden
when you thought you hit a dog but turns out just a looter
babylon bee nike releases commemorative shoe for looters
me looking outside to see what chapter of revelations were on today
best lies money can buy cnn msnbc post cnbc nyt cbs abc politico hill facebook

Tweet of the Day

tweet how can you possibly look at debacle in government think man these people should be in charge of health care

Quote of the Day

quote fear does not stop death stops life worrying replaces tomorrows troubles with todays peace

Lesson of the Day

george soros puppet master moveon npr cbs media matters abc cnn associated press

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