06-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

id much rather deal with problem too little government than too much
me sitting kids table you dont know shit about walt disney
america think i forgot something must not have been important coronavirus
youve never been judged by your skin color just was white privilege is racist divisive lie
media programmers slow fade epstein corona gates vaccine floyd riots
3 black men different positions in america race doesnt define lawyer cop criminal
students political correctness microaggression so long brain wont be needing me
al sharpton im here to help gasoline fire riots
murder hornets going back to fina you mfers crazy
2020 plot twist tear gas kills coronavirus
babylon bee husband to boycott household choores until racism stopped
welcome to rural america we dont use rubber bullets
at this point wouldnt be surprised aliens simpsons

Face Palm of the Day

face palm contra costa social outdoor gatherings up to 12 people protests up to 100 people

Message of the Day

message soldiers fight for freedom antifa terrorists

Tweets of the Day

tweet claston bernard blacks killed in chicaco blm liberal puppets
tweet communist crusher lightfoot chicago mayor begs walmart not to leave
tweet shaun king stop blacks generic vote democrats run cities worst police brutality in america

Quote of the Day


The More You Know

comparison tony timpa george floyd police brutality zero fucks given protests

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3 thoughts on “06-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Sorry, those folks in cammo aren’t fighting for peace and freedom either. They are fighting for the big-business arms, oil, and banking cartels, and for the foreign policy goals of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the globalists. But nice try.

  2. Ah Ha “Mr Liberty”.
    Public Schooled and U.S. Govt. funded College educated much? Perhaps using only Google for ‘supporting ‘evidence’ too? Stby.

    • Nope, private schooled, well-educated in Austrian economics, former State Senate candidate for the Libertarian party, and well educated on the role the US military has played globally since the late 1800s. Sad that you still believe that what our military is doing has anything to do with keeping the peace or keeping us free,. Plenty of well documented research and thousands of books could easily correct your ignorance. And given that the only real threat to world peace and liberty and freedom is the US Government and the two major political parties, killing innocents in foreign countries 10,000 miles away is hardly going to restore any of these.

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