06-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bundy at this point if clown invited me into woods id just go
facebook reactions relationship status beginning to end
ordered this badge girlfriend which made proposal photo
cheers to everyone smart enough not to fall politicial divide
kermit still cant believe tiger king most normal part of 2020
when you encounter glitch in matrix black confederate flag white blm
if breakfast club today silent film kids looking at phones
black guy suit im not oppressed leftist che youre disgrace to your people
for all peaceful protesters upset being lumped in rioters officers being lumped in with bad ones
joe biden law mass incarceration blacks police brutality voting for the guy wrote laws
laughing they said they want to disband the police so theyll be safer

We’ve Been Scammed

crowd for george floyd bridge after all lockdowns

Tweets of the Day

tweet brandon tatum growing up wasnt taught to love america vote marriage equal learned as adult
tweet elon musk selling weed went from felony to essential business yet many still in prison

Weasel Reporter Gets Hit with Truth Bomb

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell police target black people arrests nba fallacy

Communist/Fascist Takeover Steps Explained

communist fascist takeover hierarchy

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