06-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

husband how come all netflix suggestions shows about murder and crime
when you finally meet people like memes real life hugging buffalo bill well
aliens alright we got july everybody get ready
democrats kneeling same people criticized trump for photo op
americans why do police protect bad cops keep employed teachers unions
government can offer you security require only you kneel conservatives see that's gonna be a problem
liberal decision buttons dont need guns call cops abolish police
fact of the day in 2015 38 unarmed blacks shot in 2019 down to 9 fbi website
if everyone passing fake money was treated like george floyd federal reserve
drew brees should respect american flag youre not entitled to that opinion

Random Thought of the Day

random thought of the day kneeling at alter of political correctness pathetic

Tweets of the Day

tweet amari king sit silent thousands blacks kill others protest now more anti white
tweet candace owens if you believe everything wong fault of white people you believe in white supremacy

Quote of the Day

quote dsouza antifa true descendant of socialist regimes 100 years ago

Not a Conspiracy Theory

democrat victory plan liberal privilege overwhelm trump with crisis public vote out with help from media

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