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06-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Free Speech Cannot Be Tolerated

Paul Krugman, Professors Seek Firing of Top Economist for Criticizing BLM

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If you study your history, every communist regime–Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and so on–has stayed in power largely by creating an “enemy” to take the blame for their own failures. Anything bad that happened had to be the fault of the enemy, not their own mismanagement. As the Democrats embrace socialist/communist ideology wholeheartedly, do you see any difference in their actions? Virtually every big city in America has been run by democrats for decades, resulting in crime, economic woes, insurmountable debt, and most recently, the rioting. And of course, all the race relation & police issues in their own cities are somehow the result of the people NOT in power–that evil “enemy”. Everything in this engineered “race war” and protest movement is about redirecting anger and blame. Take a lesson from history.

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